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Individual one-on-one therapy

This format involves a one-to-one working relationship with you, our client, over a pre-agreed number of sessions. It begins with one or more assessment sessions in which we explore with you the nature of the challenges that face you and the ways in which you respond to them.

At the end of these exploratory sessions we give you detailed feedback on our findings. Together, we identify your therapy goals and estimate the number of sessions we will require to achieve them.

We then propose to you a CBT-based therapeutic framework that will be most effective in enabling you to achieve your goals, regain your sense of being an autonomous agent in the theatre of your life and to answer effectively the special demands that your world is making of you. If you agree to our proposals then our joint work begins.

During therapy we review your progress and discuss with you any changes that may be necessary in time-frame and session frequency.

Most commonly we hold once-weekly sessions that last for one hour. Session frequency may vary depending on your needs and requirements.

Our therapy time-frame ranges between 06 and 60 sessions, again, depending on your needs and requirements. Our average therapy time-frame for anxiety and depression is between 12-20 sessions. Our time-frame for survivors of brain injury can be as many as 40-60 sessions

Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist