Accent - on psychological therapies in the community

a 'ccent is a team of Clinical Psychologists whose core purpose is to increase our clients’ emotional and behavioural mastery of the challenges of change.

Change is an unplanned, unexpected event whose impact upon us, our families and our lives is momentous. It may seem to us that the event has shattered our identity and impaired our sense of self-hood and continuity. We may feel as if we no longer recognise ourselves as the person that we were before the change-event occurred.

Examples of such frame-breaking experiences include loss of a loved one through death, sickness, or injury in an accident, experiencing a traumatic event, sustaining injury ourselves, divorce, and redundancy.

But there are also small, incremental changes that we call frame-bending. Frame-bending change erodes our self-confidence and esteem and gives us a sense of hopeless helplessness. Examples of incremental change include a deteriorating relationship, getting older, feeling that we are not valued, and that our life is losing its purpose.

Change leads us to feel anxious and depressed. It can cause severe stress, phobias, and panic attacks. These negative emotions can lead us to behave in ways that we think may protect us from further stress and pain. But these protective behaviours are in fact maladaptive because they restrict our sphere of action, reduce our choices, and impair our autonomy.

We work together with you to develop your potential for reflectiveness, resilience, and resourcefulness. You journey through a healing process that fine-tunes your moment-to-moment awareness of your thoughts, your emotions and your behaviour options. You learn to think through these options and to choose the one you decide is the most appropriate for the situation.

At the end of therapy, you have gained strength, wisdom; and mindfulness. You achieve a state of emotional resilience that prepares you to meet the challenges of now and of the future.